CoreOS 4.x - Configuration Management

Control responses for NIST 800-53 rev4.

NOTE: All CoreOS content is under active development through the ComplianceAsCode Project. Do not consider this content production ready!

Requirements Traceability Matrix

Control Name Status
CM-1 Configuration Management Policy And Procedures

not applicable

CM-2 Baseline Configuration
CM-2 (1) Reviews And Updates
CM-2 (2) Automation Support For Accuracy / Currency
CM-2 (3) Retention Of Previous Configurations
CM-2 (4) Unauthorized Software
CM-2 (5) Authorized Software
CM-2 (6) Development And Test Environments
CM-2 (7) Configure Systems, Components, Or Devices For High-Risk Areas
CM-3 Configuration Change Control
CM-3 (1) Automated Document / Notification / Prohibition Of Changes
CM-3 (2) Test / Validate / Document Changes
CM-3 (3) Automated Change Implementation
CM-3 (4) Security Representative
CM-3 (5) Automated Security Response
CM-3 (6) Cryptography Management
CM-4 Security Impact Analysis
CM-4 (1) Separate Test Environments
CM-4 (2) Verification Of Security Functions
CM-5 Access Restrictions For Change
CM-5 (1) Automated Access Enforcement / Auditing
CM-5 (2) Review System Changes
CM-5 (3) Signed Components
CM-5 (4) Dual Authorization
CM-5 (5) Limit Production / Operational Privileges
CM-5 (6) Limit Library Privileges
CM-5 (7) Automatic Implementation Of Security Safeguards
CM-6 Configuration Settings
CM-6 (1) Automated Central Management / Application / Verification
CM-6 (2) Respond To Unauthorized Changes
CM-6 (3) Unauthorized Change Detection
CM-6 (4) Conformance Demonstration
CM-7 Least Functionality
CM-7 (1) Periodic Review
CM-7 (2) Prevent Program Execution
CM-7 (3) Registration Compliance
CM-7 (4) Unauthorized Software / Blacklisting
CM-7 (5) Authorized Software / Whitelisting
CM-8 Information System Component Inventory
CM-8 (1) Updates During Installations / Removals
CM-8 (2) Automated Maintenance
CM-8 (3) Automated Unauthorized Component Detection
CM-8 (4) Accountability Information
CM-8 (5) No Duplicate Accounting Of Components
CM-8 (6) Assessed Configurations / Approved Deviations
CM-8 (7) Centralized Repository
CM-8 (8) Automated Location Tracking
CM-8 (9) Assignment Of Components To Systems
CM-9 Configuration Management Plan
CM-9 (1) Assignment Of Responsibility
CM-10 Software Usage Restrictions
CM-10 (1) Open Source Software
CM-11 User-Installed Software
CM-11 (1) Alerts For Unauthorized Installations
CM-11 (2) Prohibit Installation Without Privileged Status

CM-1: Configuration Management Policy And Procedures

The organization: a. Develops, documents, and disseminates to [Assignment: organization-defined personnel or roles]: 1. A configuration management policy that addresses purpose, scope, roles, responsibilities, management commitment, coordination among organizational entities, and compliance; and 2. Procedures to facilitate the implementation of the configuration management policy and associated configuration management controls; and b. Reviews and updates the current: 1. Configuration management policy [Assignment: organization-defined frequency]; and 2. Configuration management procedures [Assignment: organization-defined frequency].

CM-1 Control Response Information
Implementation Status:

not applicable

CM-1: What is the solution and how is it implemented?

CM-2: Baseline Configuration

“The organization develops, documents, and maintains under configuration control, a current baseline configuration of the information system.”

CM-2 Control Response Information
Implementation Status: